Quality Air Brake Testing Equipment for Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Brakes Reliable Brake Testers Since 1974

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In the shop for brake analyzation, certification, diagnostics and testing trucks, trailers or both
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Quality Air Brake Testing Equipment for
Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Brakes
Reliable Brake Testers Since 1974 - we guarantee it!

Our brake testers are customized to fit your needs. You only purchase the parts you need - and they are expandable to grow as your needs grow - from 2 testing points up to 18 testing points for truck-trailer combinations and from 2 to 9 axles. Our products are guaranteed to work for you!

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  • Expandable - add more testing points

  • Affordable - pricing options to fit your budget

  • Reliable - one of the best warranties in the business

  • Portable - take it almost anywhere - in the shop or in the field

  • Customizable to meet your needs

  • Certification for FMVSS121 and CMVSS121 requirements

  • On-Site Training available

  • Free Phone Support

  • Free Software Updates

  • ABS Brake Testing available


Portable systems for field diagnostics, analyzation and accident investigation
Portable configurations
starting below $5,000


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